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How long after the shot can you find an animal?

We have found as well as other thermal drone operators that 48 hours seems to be about the longest time a carcass will hold heat, obviously weather and temperature also play a large role in how long the carcass will be observable by the drone. So the sooner you can get us out looking the better.

How do you confirm the animal you found is mine?

Once we find your animal with thermal we use our zoom camera or our zoom camera and spotlight to confirm that the animal we found is yours.

How long will you spend looking?

Although we find most animals in under thirty minutes we travel with enough batteries to look for nearly two hours if need be.

Are there any guarantees?

The only guarantee that we can give is that we will show up in a timely manner and exhaust every resource that we have to find your animal, we know that recovering your trophy is important so we make it our top priority to find it.

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