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Why Heat Seekers?

When it comes to locating wounded or deceased deer and other big game animals, Heat Seekers Thermal Drone services offers an unmatched advantage. Our advanced thermal imaging technology combined with expert drone piloting skills enables us to swiftly and accurately pinpoint the exact location of your target. Whether it's a wounded deer in dense foliage or a fallen one in challenging terrains, our state-of-the-art drones can navigate with precision, providing you with real-time thermal imaging that reveals the heat signatures of the animal. By leveraging this innovative approach, we significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your search, saving you valuable time and effort. Trust Heat Seekers to employ cutting-edge technology and exceptional expertise in bringing you peace of mind and ensuring a successful recovery of your wounded or deceased deer.

Our Team

Our Team

Big Game Recovery Service

Johnny Werth, Owner / Lead Pilot | Phone: (580)478-2900

Meet Johnny, our experienced owner and lead pilot at Heat Seekers. With 20 years of aviation and air traffic control expertise, Johnny brings unmatched knowledge and precision to our thermal drone deer recovery services. As a licensed commercial drone operator for 5 years, Johnny combines his passion for hunting and cutting-edge technology, utilizing thermal imaging to swiftly locate wounded or deceased deer. Trust Johnny's expertise and dedication to providing exceptional service, ensuring a successful recovery for fellow deer hunters.

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